Marini Giuseppe Toscano IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 1 Liter

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil IGP of the Azienda Agricola Marini Giuseppe is produced exclusively from olive groves located on the first slopes of the hills of Pistoia in Tuscany. The olives are harvested manually with mechanical facilitators, and every evening, immediately after the harvest, (however, no later than 24 hours after harvest) the olives are processed in their oil mill to avoid possible fermentation and a rise in the acidity level. We believe that our Marini Giuseppe Extra Virgin Olive Oil is the best EVOO that Tuscany produces! 

Product Characteristics
• 1 Liter/34 fl. oz.
• Fruity, intense, scents of artichoke. 
• Lightly spicy with an agreeable bitter note

Suitable with:
Excellent for salads, vegetables, Bruschetta (Italian toasted bread with oil), splendid on legumes and “Baccalà” (boiled salted cod), as well as beef, chicken, and pork dishes. It is the best seasoning of Tuscan Cuisine!

Olive Varieties 
Leccio, Frantoio, Pendolino and Moraiolo

October-November. Olive pressing happens within 24 hours between harvest and pressing.