For generations the Cutrera family has been dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees and olive oil production, a profession carried on for decades with passion and love that binds this family to its land. The company’s origins date back more than a century ago to 1906, when records show that the Cutrera family was dedicated to the cultivation and care of olive trees in Chiaramonte Gulfi, a small town in southeastern Sicily.

Giovanni Cutrera, the head of the family, founded the first mill in 1979 with the help of his wife, Maria, after having grown up working in an old mill that pressed olives using millstones and mules. Over the years the Cutrera’s children, Maria – the eldest, followed by Giusy, the second, and finally Salvatore, the youngest – have joined their parents in the business. In 1999, an important year for the fate of Frantoi Cutrera, Giovanni, with the family’s support, decided to open a second mill. But it wasn’t enough! The family, together with many local producers, were aware of the quality of the olive oil produced in the Iblei Mountains, and they decided to find a way to market it beyond the local market.

Since 2000, Frantoi Cutrera is handled by Maria, Giusy, and Salvatore with their spouses, and currently the third generation is starting to join the management company. Although the company’s management is now in the hands of their children, Giovanni and Maria have left a valuable legacy made up of principles, values, and knowledge that the Cutreras put into practice in every daily action. Looking ahead, never forgetting the past, and a good mix between tradition and innovation: this is the mission that now distinguishes the family business.

The real Secret of Sicily is the sun that bathes our island, always offering up the best fruits. We then select them with care, combine them with our top olive oils, constantly striving with new cooking techniques, to preserve intact the organoleptic characteristics of each product. We have prepared them for you with the intention to excite and convey, through the flavors and aromas, the sensations of our lands and its history.                                                                                                              
Sicily has always been at the crossroad of peoples and cultures and from all who have been here, Sicilians have managed to inherit the best aspects of all these food cultures, making our culinary culture one of the most varied in the world.  Every single ingredient and recipe is strictly Sicilian and guaranteed by the Cutrera family. Discover our Secrets of Sicily, discover our Sicily.

Frantoi Cutrera Sicilian Natural Fine Sea Salt, 320g


SICILIAN NATURAL FINE SEA SALT Natural fine sea salt (produced in Sicilian salt pans) that is rich in potassium and magnesium and low in sodium. Ingredients: Fine sea salt Suggested Uses: Excellent to enhance the flavors of your favorite dishes

Frantoi Cutrera DOP & Organic Primo Double Extra Virgin Olive Oil, 500ml


Our Sicilian DOP Primo Monte Iblei is a superior category olive oil obtained directly from hand-picked olives and solely by mechanical means. The production zone is South-eastern Sicily, Monti Iblei at an altitude of 350-450 meters. Variety: Tonda Iblea 100% Harvesting period: From the October 1st to October 31st Extraction method: Continuous cold cycle Aspect: Green, cloudy due to natural decantation Aroma: Balanced fruity with notes...

Frantoi Cutrera Seeds of Wild Fennel, 90g


WILD FENNEL Leaves of Wild fennel, harvested in the Hyblaean Mountains and naturally dried. Ingredients: Wild fennel Suggested Uses: Great to flavor sauces, pork, and soups, & perfect on fish and salads

Frantoi Cutrera Marjoram, 10g


MARJORAM Shade-dried Sicilian Marjoram Ingredients: Marjoram Suggested Uses: Excellent on meats and vegetables and flavoring fish with lemon zest

Frantoi Cutrera Oregano from Hyblaean Mountains, 25g


OREGANO FROM HYBLAEAN MOUNTAINS Dried oregano produced in the Hyblaean Mountains Ingredients: Oregano Suggested Uses: Excellent on white and red meats, fish soup, sauces, salads, and bruschetta 

Frantoi Cutrera Thyme from Hyblaean Mountains, 30g


THYME FROM HYBLAEAN MOUNTAINS Shade-dried thyme (to preserve the color) produced in the Hyblaean Mountains Ingredients: Thyme Suggested Uses: Excellent on white and red meats and bruschetta with our extra virgin olive oil

Frantoi Cutrera Siclian Natural Coarse Sea Salt in Grinder Dispenser, 100g


SICILIAN NATURAL COARSE SEA SALT Natural coarse sea salt (produced in Sicilian salt pans) that is rich in potassium and magnesium and low in sodium. In convenient grinder dispenser. Ingredients: Coarse sea salt Suggested Uses: Excellent to enhance the flavors of your favorite recipes

Frantoi Cutrera Ready Tomato Sauce with Chopped Tomatoes, 290g

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SICILIAN TOMATO SAUCE WITH CHOPPED TOMATOES Tomato sauce with fresh Sicilian tomatoes  Ingredients: Tomato sauce(60%), chopped tomatoes(30%), carrots(5.6%), Selezione Cutrera extra virgin olive oil(2%), salt, basil, and garlic Suggested Uses: Perfect for all types of pasta

Frantoi Cutrera Sicilian Arrabbiata Spicy Sauce, 290g


SICILIAN “ARRABBIATA” TOMATO SAUCE Tomato sauce with Sicilian dried tomatoes and hot peppers Ingredients: Tomato sauce (70%), sun-dried tomatoes, hot peppers (10%), Selezione Cutrera extra virgin olive oil, parsley, sugar, onion Suggested Uses: Perfect for all types of pasta

Frantoi Cutrera Pistachio & Almond Pesto, 190g


PISTACHIO AND ALMOND PESTO Pesto with almonds from Avola and pistachios Ingredients: Sicilian pistachios, almonds from Avola, extra virgin olive oil, PDO Ra-gusano cheese, Sicilian sea salt, sugar, black pepper, and nutmeg Suggested Uses: Great for pasta (trofie, penne, caserecci)

Frantoi Cutrera Sicilian Basil Pesto, 190g


SICILIAN BASIL PESTO Pesto with fresh basil, almonds from Avola, and pistachios Ingredients: Sicilian fresh basil, almond from Avola, Sicilian pistachio, Ragusano cheese, Sicilian red garlic, Sicilian sea salt, and Gran Cru Tonda Iblea extra virgin olive oil Suggested Uses: Great for bruschetta and also for pasta (trofie, penne, caserecce)

Frantoi Cutrera Spicy Pesto & Bruschetta, 190g


SPICY (CHILI PEPPERS) PESTO & BRUSCHETTA Tapenade Red Hot Chili peppers, red sweet peppers and dry tomatoes Ingredients: Red Hot Chili pepper(25%), red sweet pepper(25%), tomato sauce, sun dried tomatoes, Selezione Cutrera extra virgin olive oil, parsley, oregano, and salt Suggested Uses: Great for bruschetta and also for pasta (spaghetti, penne, caserecce)