La Pasta di Aldo was created in the town of Monte San Giusto, a charming spot in the inland of the Marches region that straddles the Adriatic Sea and Sibylline Mountains. Embodied within the pasta are the glistening golden hues of the wheat fields that submerge their hills in summer. With a perfect roughness that tickles the taste buds, Mia Emilia’s La Pasta di Aldo pasta is redolent of the authentic taste of yesteryear, when our grandmothers would prepare the dough while singing, as if to instill their harmonies and joy into it's very fabric. 

Our cutting method uses a common medium-sized cutter, slightly larger than the classic models designed for domestic use. Ours is an automated cut, but not industrialized like that of pasta factories that prefer extruders instead of cutters, machines that inevitably end up conditioning the final product. By extruding the pasta, the dough undergoes a forced friction inside dies, which are generally made of Teflon. This certainly allows reducing the time (therefore the costs) of production, but this is also to the detriment of the quality. In fact, the dough hydration percentage required at the extruder intake, the high temperatures reached, as well as the applied cutting stress can cause a noticeable qualitative decay and a worse cooking performance of the pasta thus obtained. Our pasta flows gently between the cutter blades, then handpicked and hung on the appropriate frames to dry.

The pasta is taken out of the cutter with particular sticks; the diameter of these sticks is specifically designed to hang the pasta threads whilst offering them the right support in order to prevent any breakage. In this way, the pasta threads are placed at an adequate distance from each other and the air of the drying room circulates all around giving rise to a perfect drying that affects every single millimeter of the pasta. This result is rather difficult to achieve for those who prefer laying the pasta flat to dry. The pasta curled in nests opposes a sort of barrier to the drying air preventing it from reaching all points in a uniform manner. In these cases, the only way to ensure a complete drying is setting a higher drying temperature, with consequent modification of the organoleptic and chemical-physical properties of the product.

Our drying phase consists of a natural process that reaches 113°F - as a wheat field under the summer sun. This is to safeguard flavor, color, texture, nutrients, shape, etc. The result is this authentic pasta from Mia Emilia. Mangia bene!

Mia Emilia "NENO" Tagliatelle Whole Wheat Egg Pasta


Our "NENO" Tagliatelle whole wheat egg pasta has a soft and compact body, enjoys a low glycemic index, and is made with whole wheat semolina. Neno whole wheat has more fiber than regular white pastas, is delicate, and has easily digestible gluten.Words are not enough to express all its properties…let yourself be conquered by the scent of Nazareno wheat, “Neno”...

Mia Emilia Farrini Spelt Egg Pasta


Our Farrini egg pasta is identical to Farrine in flavor, but has a different width. Thinner, at just 2mm, it allows for a quick and delicious meal. Made from fine spelt flour, it is a veritable feast for the eyes and the palate. Spelt is well-known for its numerous health benefits, and spelt pasta is as smooth and creamy as our...

Mia Emilia Farrine Spelt Egg Pasta


Our Farrine egg pasta (4mm) is our version of Tagliatelle, but using fine spelt flour. Spelt is well-known for its numerous health benefits, and spelt pasta is as smooth and creamy as our white pastas. Its extreme digestibility and high nutritional values makes Farrine a complete and inviting dish, without the need to add particularly sophisticated seasonings. To enjoy the aromatic...


Mia Emilia Tagliatelle with Truffle Egg Pasta, al Tartufo

$16.50 $14.50

Our Truffle Tagliatelle is a culinary hit, even when served with nothing other than a little butter and a sprinkling of finely matured cheese. The appealing yet never intrusive aftertaste of the truffle will satisfy all your desires for a good meal. Truffle Tagliatelle can be enhanced with delicate sauces that do not overpower the unmistakeable aroma of truffles, such...

Mia Emilia Maccheroncini Egg Pasta


Also known as "Angel's Hair" pasta to some, our Maccheroncini is made up of very thin strands (1mm) that take just 2-3 minutes to cook in boiling water. The impalpable consistency of this pasta means that it can be cooked directly in the sauce without having to be boiled first. When nicely absorbed in the cooking sauce, to the taste...

Mia Emilia Filini Egg Pasta


Our Filini egg pasta or Tagliolini, as it is more commonly known is the younger brother of Tagliatelle: strands of thin egg pasta, just 2 mm thick, that are capable of enriching any dish without being too bold. Served in a broth or with a simple sauce, this pasta brightens up both the table and the palate. Ideal for those...

Mia Emilia Tagliatelle Egg Pasta

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Our Tagliatelle egg pasta is the symbol of quality egg pasta par excellence. An enduring format that lends itself to any need, thanks to its thickness and width (4 mm). Enjoyed by all for its extreme versatility, it can be prepared with any sauce and will never fail to delight the taste buds! As tradition dictates, it is great with...

Mia Emilia Tagliatelle Amalfitane Egg Pasta


Our Tagliatelle Amalfitane egg pasta is a transitional format between classic tagliatelle and pappardelle. For some, Tagliatelle Amalfitane is the real tagliatelle, as it is neither too broad nor too narrow. It is the perfect size for a piping-hot dish of egg pasta, perhaps flavoured with typical ingredients from Mediterranean cuisine such as olives, capers and cherry tomatoes. Produced by...

Mia Emilia Pappardelle Egg Pasta


Our Pappardelle egg pasta is a type of pasta that is more suited to stronger flavors. It has its traditional roots in Tuscany, where the condiment par excellence consists of full-bodied sauces with a base of hare and wild boar. Pappardelle is very similar to tagliatelle, but broader (12 mm) and capable of providing intense culinary delight. The size of...

Mia Emilia Sfoglia Lasagne Egg Pasta

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Our Sfoglia Lasagna egg pasta is the beginning of the best lasagna you’ve ever made! The dough thickness is between 0.9-1.3mm (0.0354-0.0512 inches) in sheets that are approximately 9” x 6”. 6 sheets/250g box. This pasta brightens up the table and the palate! Produced by La Pasta di Aldo Product Characteristics• .9-1.3mm Lasagna egg pasta• 250g/8.83oz.• Handmade Egg Pasta. Slowly Air-dried...

Mia Emilia Filini egg pasta - 1000g/2.2lbs.


Having a gathering of family & friends? Purchase 4 of the 250g Filini egg pasta, individually bundled, for convenience and savings!Our Filini egg pasta or Tagliolini, as it is more commonly known is the younger brother of Tagliatelle: strands of thin egg pasta, just 2 mm thick, that are capable of enriching any dish without being too bold. Served in...

Mia Emilia Online Gift Card


Shopping for someone else but not sure what to give them?Give them the gift of choice with a Mia Emilia gift card! Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout.Our gift cards have no additional processing fees. *These gift cards are only to be used on our online store - not in our physical...