Terre di Zaccanello is not just a place, but rather a voyage into a wonderful rural Sicily where one can discover traditional flavors and experience the charm of the Sicilian landscapes and rhythms of living. It is a place where nature and people give each other the most precious thing - harmonious symbiosis. Our family has been based here for three generations. It all began with our grandfather Alfonso who was an experienced oil merchant whose dream was to plant his own olive grove. The dream has became reality in 1960 when he acquired the first hectares of land and planted the first olive trees.

After his departure the business was taken over by his older son Salvatore who had always been enchanted by this magical place. In 2010 he decided to extend the property to its current size and to launch, together with his wife Daniela, the “Oikos Project”, a beautiful and timeless Relais that cannot be just visited - it has to be experienced.

History repeats itself with their firstborn Federica, who after studying law abroad and working for an international law firm, decided to get involved in the olive oil business and founded Terre di Zaccanello. Today, apart from being a lawyer, she is an Oil Sommelier and leads the company with the support of the whole family with passion and commitment.

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