A tavola non si invecchia. 
“At the table (with good friends and family) you do not become old”. 

- Italian proverb

Capone's Italian Imports

The idea for Capone’s Italian Imports began in 2015 with our desire to bring the tastes, flavors, and wholesome goodness of authentic Italian food and products from the producers in Italy to families in homes across the United States.  Many people who visit Italy enjoy the excellent pastas, olive oils, and other delectable foods that country has to offer, yet return to their local grocery stores unable to find these same quality products.  For example, consumers often find that most extra virgin olive oils, even those with Italian labels, are actually made with olives from countries other than Italy.  However, each product chosen by Capone’s Italian Imports and the Mia Emilia brand are sourced and made only in Italy.  No GMOs, no preservatives, no colorings - only all natural, simple ingredients. Discover Mia Emilia and bring Italy home.

Mia Emilia

Our brand, Mia Emilia, or “My Emily”, is named for our daughter, who, since she was a little girl, has exemplified a true appreciation for each moment and has made the best of all that this life has to offer! 

We strive to put our faith, trust, and hope in God, to whom we owe everything.  And we seek to emulate the Holy Family; Jesus, Mary, & Joseph.  Our family, la nostra famiglia, is the heart of everything we do.  We share many good times around our dinner table, enjoying each other’s company along with delicious Italian meals.  Our table has been the center of great conversation, laughter, and love.  Our hope is that while you enjoy our delicious line of Italian foods, they complement your next gathering, helping to create lasting memories with family and friends. And our line of all-natural skin care items and other products made in Italy will bring you the quality that you deserve.

Mia Emilia offers authentic Italian foods and products directly to your home so that you can create and enjoy homemade Italian meals and utilize products that are made in Italy. We also supply recipes that you can easily master at home with our Italian imports. We're a family run business and hope that our food brings your family closer, and that our skin care line and other products allow you to provide only the best to those who mean the most to you. Mia Emilia - Let us bring Italy to you!

If you ever need recipe ideas, we're here and happy to help.

Mangia Bene!

 -Geno, Laura, Nick, & Emily Capone and the entire Mia Emilia team