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Cornetti Vuoti, Classic Croissant, 260g, Package of Six, Individually Wrapped

Sweet croissants made with sourdough, fresh eggs from Molise, and butter. To attain their characteristics, they require a long and laborious leavening time. This process makes the croissant flavorful, fragrant, and perfect any time of the day.

The quality of our Cianciullo products is accomplished by respecting the long and delicate processing times and techniques. It requires about 72 hours of careful preparation of the sourdough for the creations of our delicious pastries and sweets.

The sourdough is a precious and delicate ingredient. It requires years of experience to know how to bring the sourdough to the right point and rehydrate it with periodical additions of water and floating. A long and laborious process that gives the leavened products a unique flavor, softness, and high digestibility. The selection of ingredients is a meticulous process and requires continuous updating along with daily quality checks in order to obtain the highest quality products possible.

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