At Dievole, we monitor the mechanical extraction to maintain a constant processing temperature so that the pressed olives and the must oil obtained spend just moments exposed to oxygen. The just-extracted oil is filtered in line, and then proceeds to the careful separation of the day’s batches. The oil is stored in stainless steel and protected from light at a temperature below 22°C to prolong the shelf-life; it is then vacuum-bottled (just before the product leaves for markets) using a bottle that reduces the impact of UV-ray penetration by 97%.

Product Characteristics
• 250ml/8.45 fl. oz
• 500ml/16.91 fl. oz

Suitable with:
Chianina beef carpaccio with porcini mushrooms, spinach salad, grilled radicchio, lentil soup, artichoke pasta dishes, oven-baked oily fish, red meat, grilled game, mature firm-textured cheeses.

Olive Area of Origin
Chianti Classico Alta Valle dell’Arbia

Olive Variety
Frantoio, Moraiolo