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Pasta Tagliatelle di Grano Duro Siciliano Bio, Frantoi Cutrera Tagliatelle Organic Pasta, 500g

Our pasta is created with the noble, delicate and ancient Sicilian grains grown organically and processed in purity, one by one. Then, the spring water of the Nebrodi Mountains, a protected area of the Sicilian Apennines. Finally, processed in a small artisan workshop, with a bronze drawing and a very slow drying. The result is the pasta we have selected for our Segreti di Sicilia line. A highly digestible pasta, rich in wheat germ, proteins, and other precious nutrients but low in gluten. Once on your dish, it still smells of wheat and remains rough enough to allow the condiments, such as our sauces and pestos, to attach. Treat yourself to an imaginary journey, made of aromas and sensations, through the land of Sicily!

Pasta from ancient Sicilian grains, milled in cylinders without removing the wheat germ, extruded with bronze dies and statically dried at 96.8°F to 100.4°F from 24 to 72 hours. Moisture is less than 12,50% and proteins above 10.50%.

Ingredients: Flour of ancient Sicilian wheat - Russell, Senatore, Cappelli, and Tumminia, spring water from the Nebrodi Mountains.