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Cold extracted from Coratina olives picked in the olive groves of the area north of Bari, is an extra virgin olive oil whose quality is guaranteed by a double certification: the Protected Designation of Origin "Terra di Bari" and that of the ICEA, which ensures compliance with organic farming dictates.


Origin: Bisceglie, Andria, Trani, Corato, Barletta

Cultivar: 100% Coratina 

Harvest: By hand by December 31st

Processing: Within 24 hours of collection

Milling: Granite stones

Extraction: Cold extraction

Color: Green with yellow highlights

Aroma: Intense fruity

Taste: Intense fruity with bitter and spicy overtones

Serving Suggestions:

Seasoning of vegetables, legumes, soups, bruschetta, and grilled meats.