Our Gran Cru Coratina is an extra virgin olive oil of excellent quality, obtained exclusively from olives harvested on the estate of the Galantino family and produced under the careful supervision of Gianvito Galantino.  This olive oil is produced following the ancient method of skimming which consists of collecting, by hand, a very small percentage of oil (about 2-3%) which is formed spontaneously on the olive paste before pressing. Each year only a limited number of 5,000 numbered bottles are produced for worldwide distribution, making it an exceptional extra virgin olive oil to be shared with family and friends! Mia Emilia obtained only a few dozen bottles and they are going fast!

Origin: Galantino olive groves - Apulia

Cultivar: Coratina

Harvest: By hand, from October to November

Milling: Granite stones

Extraction: Cold, by skimming

Packaging: A total of 5,000 numbered bottles produced

Color: Olive green with golden yellow reflections

Aroma: Fruity, fresh, herbaceous, penetrating and powerful, with hints of artichoke and cardoon.

Taste: Intensely fruity, with pleasant and remarkable bitter and spicy notes, in perfect harmony with a rich complex of plant hints and persistent aromatic notes. Herbaceous aftertaste, with almond and artichoke notes.

Serving Suggestions: Seasoning vegetables, legumes, soups, bruschetta, grilled meats.

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