It is an innovative toner with fruit acids, to pH 3.5, ideal for daily use to eliminate all skin impurities from your face. An exclusive pretreatment lotion with fruit and glycolic acids that deeply cleans and acidifies skin helping it to receive, with security, the application of creams as proposed for slight blemishes.

It contains surfactants from coconut and palm oils as well as sugar, which help to make the product effective and, at the same time, really gentle on the skin. It can also be used out of the specific Glycolic System treatments.

Size: 200ml

Directions For Use:

Put on the affected part (before the creams with different glycolic acid percentages of Dr.Taffi Glycolic treatments), as it pre-acidifies the skin and prepares it for treatment. It can be used also alone as sebum normalizer toner and skin pH.