A cream with a very low glycolic acid concentration, specifically designed for anti-wrinkle treatments for people with sensitive and/or problem skin. With a very delicate smoothing action, it helps with an illuminating, anti-aging and compacting effect. 

The glycolic acid action, giving new light to the skin, combines with the soothing action of mallow, marshmallow, yarrow, honey, and aloe and with the protective action of UVA and UVB filters against sun radiations.

Glycolic acid can be naturally derived from sugarcane, but is often made synthetically. Our Glycolic Acid formulas are extracted from organically grown sugar cane, stabilized at pH 3.5 and processed by a special method to make it safe and easy to apply.

Size: 50ml

Directions For Use:

Apply, as a 30 day treatment, every morning and every night after using the Before Treatment Lotion and before applying the Iperidrella (morning) and Ipernutrella (night).