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Tumminia, also known as Timilia or Trimminia, is a very ancient grain that has not undergone any genetic mutations. This ensures that it has preserved all its original organoleptic characteristics. Tumminia is highly digestible and therefore does not create fatigue or the classic drowsiness due to the glycemic load as in your everyday pastas. 

Our Busiate are made with only whole durum wheat variety of Tumminia, which originates in Sicily. The name Busiate derives from bush and represents the stem of a typical local grass of Sicily. It is a pasta "of character", as the pleasant aroma and wonderful flavor makes this a pasta that is not only extremely healthy, but also truly delicious! It is both delicate and highly digestible; high in fiber and low in gluten. 

Tumminia is a short cycle durum wheat that matures in just three months. It is also called Marzuolo wheat, as it is sown in the month of March. It prefers cultivation in the hills or in any case near the sea, due to the altitude. In fact, one of its characteristics is its perfect resistance to drought, remarkably resistant in even adverse weather conditions. Harvesting normally takes place in June, hence its cycle ends in just three months.


Artisan craftsmanship, untreated ancient whole grain, stone milling of the durum wheat, slow and gentle drying, and manual packaging.

Can be made with virtually any sauce, but particularly uniquely combined with fresh fish or green pistachio pesto.