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Our Terre di Zaccanello Extra Virgin Olive Oil comes exclusively from the Milioto family in Racalmuto (Ag), Sicily. It is cold pressed to ensure the highest quality and is made using olives carefully selected, handpicked, and pressed within a few hours. 
The blend IGP Sicilia, Notte Tempo, has a degree of acidity below 0.2% and it appears quite dense, bright green with golden hints. 
The fragrance is intense with elegant notes of aromatic grass, tomato, and freshly pressed olives. 
The taste is rich with tones of fresh almond, walnut husk, and artichoke stems. Moderate bitterness and spiciness. 
Our Notte Tempo is very unique in that it comes from a night harvesting that preserves the olives from light and heat. This extra virgin olive oil is made in limited and numbered production and has won numerous awards in international competitions. Take a look at the video which shows the night harvest. 
Food pairing: Medium-structured dishes, carpaccio, summer soups, cypress, tomato sauces, bruschetta, baked cakes, and for dipping your favorite breads. 
Variety: Nocellara del Belice 60%, Biancolilla 40%. 
Harvesting period: By hand in early October. 
Extraction method: Cold pressed continuous cycle
Filtered with an intensity level of 2 out of 3. 
The label indication “cold pressed” means that the extraction process has a controlled temperature below 27°C (80.6°F), which allows the olive oil to keep its characteristics unaltered.
Olive oil’s color can go from green to yellow, with many intermediate shades. The more green the olive oil is, the richer it is in chlorophyll; the more yellow the oil is, the richer it is in carotenes. In fact, with very few exceptions, color is not an indicator of quality.
The oil that pinches in the throat is not the one with the highest acidity, quite the opposite. A slight tingling indicates low acidity and olives recently pressed. The acidity is not perceptible to taste, it can only be analyzed in the lab and it indicates the quality of the product: the higher it is, the more the oil is of low quality. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is below 0.2%, making it of the highest quality available.