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Dr. Taffi Skin Care Products

Together with his wife Maria, biologist Dr. Enio Taffi laid the ground to the family business with the start of the Dr. Taffi company in 1987. At that time the philosophy was the same as it is today; to work only with all natural ingredients, collected locally and to show total respect for nature. All of Dr. Taffi perfumes, lotions, soaps and creams are produced from all natural ingredients with Tuscan virgin olive oil as the key ingredient to the formulas. Without ever compromising their values, the Taffi family takes great pride in producing the most pure and natural beauty products available. A collection containing precious extracts for your skin and body...pure Tuscan enjoyment, a collection poetic in every sense of the word. Built on the strong values of the Taffi family, the Dr. Taffi line and their signature collection, Acqua Di Bolgheri, are the hidden gems of Tuscany, created with a great sense of respect for nature.  The collection is the realization of Dr. Enio Taffi’s vision with each and every part just as initially envisioned; elegant, soothing, and 100% natural. Now joined by daughters, Maria Silvia and Elisabetta, the family has a very clear vision; to share the beauty and the scents of their part of Toscana with the world.