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About Us

Tutto è possibile.  Everything is possible.

This has been our motto since we originated the concept of bringing the highest quality, healthiest foods directly from the producers in Italy to families and restaurants across the United States.

This is our mission. This is our passion.

Our brand, Mia Emilia, or My Emily”, is named for our daughter, who, since she was a little girl, has exemplified a true appreciation for each moment and has made the best of all that this life has to offer! 

Mia Emilia offers authentic Italian foods and products directly to your home so that you can create and enjoy homemade Italian meals and utilize products that are made in Italy. No GMOs, no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives…only all-natural, simple ingredients.

Each product chosen by Capones Italian Imports and the Mia Emilia team are sourced only from Italy. We feel that whatever you put inside your body, or on the outside, should be clean, natural, and pure.

Most of our producers are families themselves, carrying on traditions, recipes, and skills from generation to generation.


For us, it’s simple.

Simple ingredients. Natural, high quality products.

It’s our commitment to you and it’s our dedication to assist the families in Italy, helping them make a living as they dedicate their lives to creating only the very best.


We are family-run, love our country (and Italia), and strive to put our faith, trust, and hope in God, to whom we owe everything.

We appreciate your business and we will continue to work hard to provide you, our customers, with the best experience and products possible.

Discover Mia Emilia and bring Italy home.

Mangia bene!


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