Radicchio: A Winter Delicacy in Italy

With a proud smile on her face, Sabrina went to speak with the man behind the counter.  She came back saying, “OK, he is preparing for us some specialties from the area.”  We had no idea what was in store.  The waiter arrived with a plate of baked Radicchio di Treviso, the most gorgeous looking food I’ve ever seen, with polenta, a cheese from the mountains, and a local meat.  Every bite was special.

Later in the trip at a tiny trattoria in Florence, there it was again.  Pasta with gorgonzola and radicchio.  Not from Treviso this time, but I had to try it.  The dish came out creamy and with a hint of purple.  Chopped so finely it almost dissolved, the radicchio colored the dish and its flavor, sweet when cooked, was exquisite with the gorgonzola cheese. 

Try the gorgonzola and radicchio sauce with Mia Emilia’s Pappardelle Egg Pasta.


  • February 18, 2020
  • Lindsay Sinko

The Best Lasagne Noodles From Italy, and Tips to Create a Fabulous Lasagne at Home

Among the most famous traditions in Italy is the Venetian Carnevale.  Celebrated this year between February 8th and 25th, Carnevale in Venice is a sight to behold. Boats dance and parade along the twinkling canals at nighttime.  While balls are held in palazzos, and the notes of Vivaldi drift through the streets, inside kitchens families and chefs prepare special meals for the occasion.  

Among the most popular dishes enjoyed during the days of Carnevale is Italy’s famous lasagne.  Mia Emilia’s box of delicious Sfoglia Lasagne pasta noodles from the makers at La Pasta di Aldo are the perfect base for whichever type you like best.  Each one is between .9 and 1.3 mm thick, helping you to achieve the ideal consistency that truly makes your recipe.  Unlike many large production brands, these artisanal noodles do not stick together.

Nothing is more frustrating when crafting your lasagna than tearing apart sticky noodles and ruining the presentation.  These do not stick, allowing you to create a beautiful dish easily that not only looks better, but tastes better than regular factory-made brands.  These egg noodles produce a delicious, fluffier lasagne, sure to wow your family and friends!

Meet the Producers: La Pasta di Aldo

When I first discovered Mia Emilia’s products, I was amazed and deeply touched by the authenticity of the products.  Among the greatest surprises in the box was the Egg Pasta from the makers of La Pasta di Aldo in Monte San Giusto, Le Marche.  At the first bite of pasta from La Pasta di Aldo, if I closed my eyes, I would have sworn I was at an Italian table.  Even pastas I purchased in Italy and cooked back home have not captured that essence of Italy that true, artisanal methods delight us with.  These do.  Every aspect from appearance to texture and taste gave me the feeling that owner, dreamer, and pasta maker, Luigi describes as, “gioia immensa” immense joy. 

As Luigi describes in the video, making the pastas with all-natural ingredients and only traditional methods is his passion.  He and his wife, Maria, began the company because it was a dream they shared to allow people from parts of the world outside of their beloved Italy to taste and experience authentic Italian cuisine, like their grandmothers used to make.

Click Here to watch the brief video, and spend a few moments getting to know Luigi and Maria; their techniques, land, and passion.