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Bronze Cut Fusilli, 454g/1lb.

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Indulge in a unique Italian artisanal delight that is perfect for pasta salads. Crafted from the finest 100% organic durum wheat semolina and water, it boasts a gentle, rounded flavor profile with a lingering savory note. Cook time is 11 minutes.

For over a century, the Felicetti family has honed the art of pasta making. Since its establishment in 1908, the Felicetti brand has earned a global reputation for producing top-tier pasta, cherished by both professional chefs and local families. Nestled in the picturesque Italian Alps, amidst the stunning Dolomites, the Felicetti sustainable pasta factory benefits from the pristine alpine waters and pure mountain air to master their craft. All of our Felicetti pasta packaging is 100% recyclable!