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Acqua di Bolgheri La Rosa 100% Rose Water

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Acqua di Bolgheri La Rosa 100% Rose Water is refreshing, organic, pure Damask Rose Water with a light and inebriating scent that helps to maintain an elastic, hydrated skin. The Damask Rose flowers are renowned all over the world for their fine fragrance. With a practical vaporizer that helps to distribute the products evenly on your face and neck, our rose water tones your skin, cancelling the signs of tiredness. It calms redness and small irritations while working as an astringent on pores. A wonderful “pick-me-up” that will freshen you up during the day or as you head into an evening event.

100% Organic, Vegan Made in Tuscany. 50ml bottle.

INGREDIENTS: ROSA DAMASCENA FLOWER WATER* **100% da agricoltura biologica/organic