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Aloe Therapy Baby Oil

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The Aloe Vera Baby Oil is a synergistic mix of aloe extract and vegetable squalene obtained from olive oil, almond oil, essential oil of blue chamomile and vitamin E. It is perfect after the bath to restore the hydro-lipidic balance of delicate skin, to prevent irritations to the skin and to reduce redness caused by sweat and rubbing. 

It is also recommended for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy. 

The pleasant fragrance is obtained with a very delicate anti-allergic tested perfume and the precious essential oil of blue chamomile. 


How to Use:

Massage on body. 

Use a few drops in a bath to soothe skin.

Can be used after bath to lock in moisture.

  • Nickel tested 
  • Hypoallergenic fragrance 

Hydrolipidic film is a light protective film that covers your skin.  It acts to protect your skin against external aggressors such as bacteria.