Organic oil derived from cold pressing process of camellia flower. It is perfumed with sweet fragrance. It is ideal for face, body and hair due to its antioxidant properties thanks to vitamins and fat acids. 

It helps an anti-aging, moisturizing, purifying effect on the face It can be used to prevent stretch marks, gives the body elasticity, and a restorative emollient on nails and cuticles. It is also ideal as moisturizer for hair giving it shine and nourishment.

How to Use:

Massage, alone or mixed with your skin similar creams, on face, body, and hands until completely absorbed. 

Apply on dry hair, just washed, putting a few drops on hair tips. Use also throughout your hair length for shine. 

To strengthen hair, put on all hair length with palm of your hand and rinse off after about 30 minutes with shampoo.