Our Fruttato Medio extra virgin olive oil with "Bel Tocco" herbs is obtained by cold extraction from selected olives of typical Apulia varieties Ogliarola and Coratina, milled with traditional granite millstones. The perfect balance between the characteristics of the two precious cultivars makes it an oil with a harmonious and balanced flavor, ideal for everyday use on the table, or for cooking. This oil is produced in a completely natural way using only freshly picked herbs - basil, oregano, thyme, dill, and tarragon that are crushed in with the olives. Perfect for adding an original touch to the most delicious dishes!

Origin: North of Bari - Apulia

Cultivar:  80% Ogliarola, 20% Coratina, Fresh Herbs

Processing: Within 24 hours of collection

Milling: Granite stones

Extraction: Cold extraction

Color: Golden yellow with olive green hues

Aroma: Medium fruity

Taste: Fruity with hints of artichokes and an almond aftertaste, and herbs

Serving Suggestions:

Ideal for salads, vegetables, meat, fish, or dipping.