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Galantino Gift Package of 5 Assorted EVOO with Flavors, 20ml each

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Our Galantino Mixed Variety EVOO pack has five 20ml bottles included to experience several oils in the Galantino line. These extra virgin olive oils are obtained by cold extraction from selected olives of typical Apulia varieties Ogliarola and Coratina, milled with traditional granite millstones. Included flavors are a light EVOO, a lemon EVOO, a basil EVOO, a hot chili pepper EVOO, and a mixed herbs EVOO. This variety pack invites you to enjoy the flavors of the region of Puglia in different ways. Try the lemon with a fresh arugula salad, the hot chili pepper adds a tasty kick to a lasagna or soup. The basil and mixed herbs are fabulous on anything from a warm slice of bread to a traditional pasta dish in Puglia with broccoli rabe. The possibilities are endless!