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Giannini 6-9 Cup Espresso Moka Pot in Stainless Steel

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This will be the last Moka pot you will ever have to buy! Made with beautiful and durable 100% stainless steel, this Moka pot comes with a patented locking handle which creates a tight seal to brew the best espresso you will ever have! And it's completely manufactured in Italy! This is important because most brands today are made outside of Italy and only have an "Italian design". With the Giannini Moka pot, you are guaranteed Italian quality which is evident in the look and feel of this product! Extraordinary coffee obtained by micro filters and a perfect balance between volume and pressure. For only 6 cups of espresso, put the strainer into the funnel upside down. For 2 Lattes, pour contents of full moka pot into 2 mugs half-filled with steamed milk.

Great gift for birthdays, weddings, Christmas, retirements, new home, or...just for you!