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Our Hyper-White Cream is an adjuvant brightening cream. It is an intensive treatment to reduce and prevent blemishes on face, body and hands. It contains protective sun filters that improve the preventive anti-blemish action. Helps skin to feel like fine porcelain.

Its formula is composed of glycolic acid 2%, derived from active soybeans and liposomes and improved by garden cress bloom extract. The first, in combination with yarrow, helps to stimulate cells turn-over. The second helps to inhibit enzymes involved in overproduction of melanine and lipofuscin (aging pigment).

  • Ideal for skin to be lightened
  • It can be used all year long
  • Ideal also for sensitive skin
  • It directly works on blemishes

Size: 50ml

Directions For Use:

Apply the product, morning and night, after using “Before Treatment Lotion” (without rinsing it off).  

It’s recommended to initially clean application area with Sweet Bio-peeling Soap.

Avoid eye contact.

If you want use it for the hands: repeat treatment 4 times a day.

Nickel tested

Hypoallergenic fragrance

It is an adjuvant brightening cream. It helps to attenuate, reduce and prevent blemishes on face, body and hand. It is ideal to use all year-round.

Ideal for every skin type, also for sensitive skins.

Soybeans have vitamin E which is helpful to remove dead skin cells and provide new skin cells. It can be helpful to give you young and radiant skin.

Liposomes do more than just deliver moisture to skin cells; they also create a barrier over the surface of the skin. Upon application, the liposome traps moisture under the lipid membrane to hydrate skin layers and repel external substances.

Cress Bloom Extract or Watercress extract has been proven to boost the production of type III collagen or ‘baby collagen’. 

Along with detoxing your skin, watercress also helps clear acne and heals scars. It is known to treat conditions like eczema, rosacea, and psoriasis.

Yarrow possesses strong moisturizing effects and thus it is useful for dry skin. It contains high flavonoids and tannins content, as well as skin soothing effects. A yarrow tonic can benefit people with acne and oily skin.