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Michelis Egidio Maltagliati Egg Pasta, 200g

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Michelis Egidio Maltagliati pasta, like many pastas in Italy, have a somewhat amusing and self-deprecating name. With great confidence in the quality and flavor of the pasta, they can afford to have some fun with what they call it. Maltagliati means badly cut, but these are not badly cut at all, they are irregular, on purpose. With an uneven size and thickness, these are traditionally made form the scraps of tagliatelle. Some of Italy’s best pastas were created this way, as a creative way to quickly use the remaining dough after the main ravioli, tagliatelle, etc. were finished. Maltagliati are a delicious example of Italian creativity in pasta. They are traditionally used in a bean soup, but also delicious with a meat or porcini mushroom sauce.