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Hazelnut Soft Nougat, Dark Chocolate Coated, 140g/4.94oz.

The Monachino was the first soft nougat, an idea that occurred to Father Claudio, a monk of the nearby monastery of St. Egidio's Capuchins. He wanted a softer version of nougat, so Vincenzo Festa, the inventor of the soft nougat who was the grandson of Vincenzo Di Iorio, the founder, began to study ways to produce it. He called his new soft nougat, "Monachino", in tribute to those who had inspired him, and Fr. Claudio designed the image which still exists on the packaging of this product.

Our Monachino is made with the artisan touch of slow cooking, from the ancient recipe of the Capuchin friars & Vincenzo Festa. Made with Italian hazelnuts, hazelnut paste, and a minimum of 56% cocoa.

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