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Monachino Soft Nougat with Hazelnut Filling, Individually Wrapped, 250g

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Monachino covered in dark chocolate is the treat unique to Di Iorio. This nougat is soft, not chewy or hard. The idea originated with Father Claudio, a Capuchin monk from the monastery of St. Egidio. From his idea, Vincenzo Festa, grandson of Vincenzo Di Iorio, came up with this soft version of the nougat. The name, “Monachino”, was chosen in honor of the monk and his own design still adorns the packaging. While the history is charming, the taste is even more enchanting. Soft and delicate, nutty, chocolatey and absolutely delicious, this Monachino is made of Italian hazelnuts and hazelnut paste, and at least 56% of cocoa. It will be a favorite of anyone fortunate enough to taste it.