Our Mutti Rossoro Tomatoes & Basil Pasta Sauce pairs naturally sweet Rossoro tomatoes with uniquely delicate and sweet basil. The combination of rich tomatoes and fragrant basil brings magic to any meal!                                                                      Gluten free, Vegan, and with no added sugar.

Since 1899, the Mutti family has shared a passion for Italian tomatoes. Grown under the hot Italian sun and picked only at the peak of ripeness, these celebrated tomatoes are now skillfully paired with other select ingredients for a homemade pasta sauce experience.

Our Mutti pasta sauces combine the vibrant taste of tomatoes with the best ingredients Italy has to offer. Based on traditional recipes and modern cooking, these sauces raise your pasta dishes to a whole new level. They work perfectly when simply heated up – or as a smooth base for your own recipes. Try out different flavors and create new delicious combinations.  Better tomatoes make better sauce!

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