Il Frutteto Fig and Almond Milk Cream is a restorative 24 hour face & body cream enriched with the moisturizing & soothing properties of ceramides, the purifying properties of fig, and the anti-oxidant virtue of almond.

Ceramides: Natural skin components that help to keep it hydrated and elastic. They strengthen the lipid barrier's surface, decreasing roughness while soothing sensitive skin and fighting against the effects of aging.

Fig: Rich in calcium and polyphenols, fig is known for its anti-inflammatory virtues, it protects the skin, defending from the aggression of external agents. 

Sweet Almond Protein: It helps prevent wrinkles and stretch marks and it is an ally against the signs of aging. It has polyphenols and antioxidants that hamper the free radicals.

Our Fig & Almond Face and Body Cream is prepared to the highest quality standards using only the finest ingredients. Dermatologically tested and made entirely in Florence, Italy!