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Sicilia - The sunny exuberance of white balconies overflowing with bougainvillea that overlook the immense calm of the sea. This beauty idyll is enriched with the exhilarating perfume of papyrus, a rare and precious tree that nowadays only grows on the Sicilian island of Ortigia.


Close your eyes and think about the best that Italy can offer. Visions of enchanting bays, cities and villages full of charm, culture, and history. Mediterranean experiences which evoke the scents and emotions of a country rich in enchanting essences. The Dolce Vivere line is a tribute to Italian beauty and life-style. It creates the feeling of being in one of its most enchanting places, by evoking nostalgic and romantic situations and experiences, which stimulate the senses. Since 1947, Nesti Dante’s philosophy has been to be passionate about linking optimum quality with a sensitivity to all things natural and beautiful. 

The secret of their indisputable effectiveness? The entirely artisanal process, which is the expression of the best Italian soapmaking tradition. The soap paste is obtained from a long and complex process of boiling in a cauldron, which lasts four days and requires the constant presence and meticulous intervention of master soapmakers and perfumers. This process does not alter in the slightest the essences, rich oils and functional substances of top quality in the formulations, which are also without synthetic surfactants.

Made in Florence, Italy with love and care since 1947.


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