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RE Castelli condiment is aged and refined in barrels of 4 different and selected woods for many years. It is characterized by a balanced flavor between sweet & sour and fruity. It gives a terrific fragrance of woods and cooked must. The color is dark and intense. It is made with Lambrusco grape must, cooked in direct flame before the aging in the wood barrels. RE Castelli has a long shelf life of 10 years because the pH and sugary concentration are natural obstacles to the development of unwanted bacteria.

Perfect with vegetables or fish risottos, caprese salad, fresh vegetables, on beef filet, or enjoyed with cheeses, soft fruits, and ice cream.

Ingredients: Cooked Lambrusco grape must 

Appearance limpid and brilliant
Color dark brown and intense
Aroma is persistent, intense and sweet, agreeably acetic

Flavor is sweet and sour balanced, fruity

Acidity ≥ 5%
Density 1.29