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Resi - Viola Decaf Coffee

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Viola Decaf is a decaffeinated coffee blend with all the strength and intense aroma of a classic, rich coffee. 50% Arabica and 50% Robusta.  All capsules are plant based, making them fully compostable!

Tasting Profile:
Roast: Medium
Intensity: 3 out of 5
Aroma: Soft, Sweet
Flavor: Caramel, Brown Sugar

It is a common misconception that decaffeinated coffee is inferior and incomparable to normal coffee.
The truth is that after being decaffeinated, second-rate coffee is still second-rate, in just the same way that good coffee retains its "good" quality.

Obviously certain coffee types are more suited to processing than others and today the coffee industry is aiming for quality in its final product to present a new image to the consumer.

Decaffeinated coffee, if carefully prepared, can be excellent in its own right and in no way inferior to normal coffee. Even experts find it very difficult to tell whether the coffee they are drinking is decaffeinated or not, unless tests are carried out on the coffee before and after. For the consumer, it is practically impossible to distinguish between the two. An interesting experiment would be to get some friends to taste a good quality decaffeinated coffee telling them it is normal coffee. In all probability nobody will be able to tell the difference!