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Weak Hair Shampoo, Miglio Plus, 200ml

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If you find your hair to be dry, brittle, or fragile, then our Dr. Taffi shampoo for weak hair is for you!

With apple stem cells, this unique formula has a regenerating effect on your scalp and hair, with a restoring and protective action in case of damaged hair, and a conditioning action for fragile hair.  It has an inhibiting effect on enzyme 5-alpha-reduttasi, which is responsible for excess sebum production. 

This formula helps give shine and strength from your roots to your ends thanks to pantheon (Vitamin B5) and millet, cleaning with a light and silky texture rich in sugar, coconut, and olive oil derived surfactants.

With its hypoallergenic fresh scent, it is widely used by men and women and is safe for everyday use.