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White Balsamic Condiment

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Bianco, or white balsamic, is a sweet and sour condiment that is composed of approximately 65% concentrated white grape must and 35% wine vinegar. This is a young product that has been enhanced through a short time in oak barrels for the sharpening of the relationship of color and flavor. It is unlike any white balsamic you have probably ever tasted and will quickly become one of your favorites!

Concentrated white grape must and wine vinegar.  

Trebbiano grapes and a small part Spergola.

Acidity approximately 5%
Density 1.25

Sweet, balanced, and fruity with a brilliant golden appearance, our White Balsamic Condiment is best over seasonal salads, fish (raw or cooked), vegetables such as asparagus, as a staple in a shrimp marinade, or simply added to any dish where you desire a sweet, tangy taste!  The 100ml bottle is perfect for a gift to someone special, or to take along with you to conveniently use anytime during the day or night!