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Christmas Gift Guide: Gifts Made in Italy

Every year the time seems to fly by faster, and here we are in December once again!  It’s Christmas time, and in Italy markets are opening, cities are lighting their trees, and the spirit of Christmas warms the chilled air. If you are still thinking through your Christmas list this year, we have put together a guide to help give you some ideas for the special people in your life.  Please enjoy, and we wish you all, Buon Natale!  Merry Christmas!  

The Pope, the Devil, and Coffee... What's Italy Got to do With This?

From 1592 to 1605, Pope Clement VIII was head of the Christian world.  Trade was growing and bringing new products that Europeans had never seen before.  Among them was coffee.  So, the legend goes that due to its popularity in the Muslim community, as well as its curious effect, coffee became known as “the devil’s drink” and the Pope’s advisors tried to convince him to denounce it as such.  Thankfully, the Pope determined that he must try it himself before deciding to curse it forever.  “This devil’s drink is delicious!”, he proclaimed!  He decided rather than denouncing it, better to...