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Dark Chocolate with Baslamic Vinegar of Modena; The Perfect Marriage for Valentine's Day!

featured-img-Dark Chocolate with Baslamic Vinegar of Modena; The Perfect Marriage for Valentine's Day!

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, many of us are picking out chocolate treats for our Valentines, families, children, and friends.  Instead of a big chocolate heart this year or an array of candies in a heart-shaped box, consider an Italian chocolate delicacy instead. 

Sure to please the pickiest connoisseur, Mia Emilia’s Dark Chocolate with Balsamic Vinegar of Modena is a truly special gift for those who appreciate quality and tradition.

Whether you are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year with your romantic love, or simply the love shared with family and friends, there is something nice about giving a gift that was made with love, from a place dear to your heart.

For most of us who have visited Italy, its products have a unique quality.  They manage to include not only the flavors, but also the feelings and memories we experienced when we were there.  The nostalgic feeling carries over into the flavor making us enjoy it even more.

One taste of authentic aged balsamic vinegar of Modena and your palate will never be the same.  Its viscosity prevents it from drowning your food, adding just a flavorful drizzle, and with this there is not even the slightest pucker.  True, authentic Balsamic of Modena is an unforgettable flavor that pairs well with anything from salads, to cheeses and even gelato.

The excellent, passionate balsamic vinegar makers at Acetaia Castelli in Reggio Emilia, Italy are well aware of the love that develops for their products after one taste.  A love this true must be celebrated, and so, they combine it with other ingredients produced in their gorgeous land.

Perhaps the most indulgent of these products is the Dark Chocolate with Balsamic Vinegar di Modena.  If mediocre chocolate with a grainy cream inside is just not cutting it for your Valentine, give this a try. 

We have mentioned before that in Italy when two products go perfectly together, they say, “Si sposano bene”.  They marry well.  Isn’t everything more romantic in Italian?  Few products marry better than chocolate and balsamic.  So, consider ditching the heart-shaped box of chocolates this year for a truly romantic gift from the heart of Italy!

No need to pinch to see what kind it is.  Each piece is individually wrapped.  Inside the pretty wrapping we find a high-quality dark chocolate that only hints of what’s inside.  Bite into the chocolate and discover the luscious combination of chocolate with this quality of Balsamic vinegar, blended into a smooth creamy filling.  It is sure to be a moment you won’t soon forget!

Though you may want to get a box for yourself too, this makes a perfect gift in its beautiful packaging.  Italians are among the best in the world at taking pride in their products, from appearance and packaging all the way through to the flavor. 

Each box contains 24 chocolates, coming to less than a dollar per dessert.  With a flavor so intense, you might want to eat the whole box, but just one after a meal will be a special treat you can’t feel too guilty about.  

Isn’t it nice to know where even your chocolates come from?  This gift comes not from a big factory, but a small farm of passionate people determined to keep quality and natural ingredients at the forefront of all they produce.

My favorite thing about buying from places like this is that they always speak of family, always how they learned from a parent or grandparent and keep the traditions alive today. 

Mia Emilia’s owners are dedicated to this same quality and authenticity, so when you buy from them you can be certain they have done their homework.  They have spoken directly to the producers and in many cases have been there, visited their farms and dined with the families.  They know that special foods like these bring people from all over the world a little bit closer together. 

If ever there is a time to treat someone you love to something special and unique, it is Valentine’s Day!  

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day full of flavor, joy, love, and chocolate! 

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