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A Rose by Any Other Name... Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Based on Romeo and Juliet

featured-img-A Rose by Any Other Name... Valentine's Day Gift Ideas Based on Romeo and Juliet

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner!  We all know the story of Romeo and Juliet, and nowhere is it more celebrated than in Verona, the setting of the story, on Valentine’s Day.

Shakespeare’s famous lines still ring throughout the courtyard of Juliet’s house and down from her balcony.  Of course, it is the fictional home of the character, but the romance is very real.

Visitors from all over the world still visit her house every day and leave a note to Juliet asking for her advice on love.  As has been made famous from the movie, “Letters to Juliet”, many of them actually receive a reply.  

With romance celebrated here every day of the year, it is no surprise that Verona does Valentine’s Day in a big way!  In Piazza dei Signori, you find what must be one of the world’s largest Valentines, a big red heart, iconic to the city this time of year.

From the 12th to the 16th of February, Verona hosts a festival, Verona in Love, where concerts, markets, chocolates, and even a half-marathon celebrate the love of Romeo and Juliet, and of course, love itself.

If you can’t take your Valentine to Verona this year, you can still give a romantic gift reminiscent of the story and the city. 

After discovering that Romeo was a Montague, Juliet famously says to herself,

“What’s in a name?  A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” 

Many centuries after Shakespeare, a sweet-smelling bouquet of roses is still considered to be among the most romantic gifts to give your loved one. 

For any rose-loving Valentine, Mia Emilia has a gift idea that will far outlast the bouquet.  For Valentine’s Day this year, treat your sweetheart to a gift that will make her feel like Juliet herself! 

Our luxurious, all-natural Italian skin care line, Acqua di Bolgheri offers Rose scented products of lotions, skin cleansers, toners, and hair care.  The scent lingers as the ingredients soothe and nourish the skin. 

Unsure which one to choose?  Rose scented body lotion is a safe and wonderful choice.  If you really want to pamper her, among the most indulgent products in a woman’s arsenal of cosmetics is rose water.  Just a spritz on the face can calm your skin and your spirit.  Whether you’re stressed at work, or wake up dull and tired, this 100% Rose Water will brighten her skin, and her day. 

Pair it with a delicious chocolate bar from Mia Emilia’s La Perla line, which offers a selection from milk chocolate to 80% cocoa dark chocolate. 

For an added gift you can share, pick up a bottle of Amarone, a wine made in the Veneto region close to Verona.  Dark and delicious, it pairs beautifully with the chocolate, or with your favorite pasta from Mia Emilia if staying home and avoiding crowds on Valentine’s Day is more your idea of romance.

Single on Valentine’s Day?  Treat yourself to something special!  You see all kinds of love letters stuck to the wall outside Juliet’s house.  Some celebrate not romantic love between two people but discovering the love of life itself.

Among the several letters I’ve left on Juliet’s wall was a love letter about Italy itself, and how it taught me to enjoy life.  As the first city I visited in Italy, Verona will always hold a special place in my heart.

On Valentine’s Day and throughout the year, we can add a bit of Italian passion into our lives wherever we may be thanks to Mia Emilia’s products, lovingly made all over Italy and destined for the hearts and homes of us here in the States.

From all of us here at Mia Emilia, we wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

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