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Discover Mia Emilia's New Skin Care Line from Italy

featured-img-Discover Mia Emilia's New Skin Care Line from Italy

Mia Emilia, as by now you may know, values quality, natural ingredients, and authenticity when selecting producers to work with.  Through years of sampling and visiting in person, we have selected the highest quality food products with the best flavors.

This year, we discovered a skin care line that embodies all the values we hold dear in our food products.  If there is anything as important as what we put inside our bodies, it just might be what we put onto our skin. 

We had a group of people with different needs try several sample products, and the results from one producer, Dr. Taffi, were overwhelmingly superior to the rest.  Since Dr. Taffi’s skin care line is made in Italy, and entirely made of natural ingredients, and family run, we realized that their products were unique, pure, and special; exactly the products we seek to offer to our customers.  This week we would like to introduce you to these producers and the unique line of products they create. 

Dr. Enio Taffi is a biologist who, together with his wife, Maria, began the company in 1987.  As a biologist, his number one goal was to respect nature and highlight its abilities to cure skin troubles and nourish the body.  Since 1987, the family has remained dedicated to using only natural ingredients, most of them from their native region of Tuscany. 

Many Dr. Taffi skin care products are made with Tuscan olive oil, known to be great for both hair and skin.  Combined with other natural extracts and scents, they transport you to Tuscany at the first whiff.  

If you have ever strolled through an Italian vineyard, you probably noticed the scent and beauty of roses at the end of each row of grape vines.  For the longest time I thought it was only for aesthetics, but a member of a wine making family once explained to me their purpose.  “Roses are very fragile plants, so we plant a rose bush at the end of each row of grape vines because they tell us when trouble is coming.  If we have a parasite, disease, or something that would kill the vines, it would be noticed first in the roses, allowing us time to protect the vines... and, they smell so nice!”  

I will never be able to see a vineyard or a rose bush and not think of the two together.  Few fragrances are more beautiful or romantic than rose.  Mia Emilia is honored to offer Dr. Taffi’s soothing lotions and romantic perfumes of rose water.  Just in time for Valentine’s Day, what if this year you gave your sweetheart a rose scented perfume or lotion that will leave a romantic scent that lingers far after the holiday has passed? 

Dr. Taffi’s signature rose collection is called Acqua di Bolgheri, and it is as luxurious and romantic as an evening walk in a Tuscan garden.  For pampering yourself or the special person in your life, these products are a wonderful choice. 

If you, like me, have skin problems that go beyond wanting softness and a heavenly scent, you might want to try the Glycolic acid treatments and creams.  Glycolic does wonders for problems from acne to aging, and these products are made to work together to fight the issues and soothe your troubled skin all at the same time.  

For sensitive skin, including that of babies and children, or sunburned skin, we recommend the aloe therapy line offering baby shampoos, cleansers, and creams, and creams and gels for sensitive adult skin too!

If you enjoy time in the sun, try some almond oil mixed into your SPF for added sun protection.  Applied directly to the skin, it is fabulously moisturizing while also packing an antioxidant punch, as it is full of vitamin E, magnesium phosphorus, and copper.  Due to this antioxidant component, the almond oil is also great at treating stretch marks and preventing them.  If you struggle with harsh fragrances and chemicals, try this gentle almond oil, great for your skin, and with a light, pleasant scent.

After a stressful day, few things are more relaxing than a nice, hot bath.  If this sounds like your ideal way to relax, then the Camelia Chic line including lotions, creams, oils for both skin and hair, and luxurious bath foam is a line you can trust and enjoy, whatever life throws your way.  Made with natural ingredients that smell as great as they are for your hair and skin, this line is the perfect way to care for yourself. 

Several years ago in Italy, I discovered that it is often better to leave behind my shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. and purchase some in Italy, because the quality of ingredients are so much better.  In a pharmacy, I bought a shampoo and conditioner made with olive oil.  I ended up loving it so much that I brought it home and saved it for almost a year, only using it on special occasions. I was a believer in Italian skin and hair products after that, and what a joy it is to discover new ones, especially when they are made so well! 

As with so many things made in Italy, a little bit of passion makes its way into the bottle, along with the scents of the land, the luxurious feel of being in an Italian spa, or relaxing as you take in the Tuscan landscape. 

We hope you enjoy discovering them and encourage you to browse our full skin care line to discover the products best suited for you. 


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