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Introducing Gourmet Balsamic Cream

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Introducing Balsamic Gourmet Cream in a Variety of Flavors

Mia Emilia is excited to introduce you to a new line of products from our wonderful balsamic vinegar makers in Emilia Romagna. 

While most of us are familiar with traditional balsamic vinegar, the producers at Acetaia Castelli have come up with fun and tasty ways to experiment with it, combining it with other wonderful flavors into glazes, jams, and much more.

We have already introduced you to our fabulous fig and balsamic jam, one of my personal favorite products!  This week, we would like to share with you the Gourmet Cream line from our friends in Reggio Emilia.

If you enjoy playing with different flavors and experimenting in the kitchen, these products are for you!

Each variety is made of concentrated grape must, Balsamic Vinegar of Modena 35%, modified corn starch, and different flavors depending on the variety.

Due to the sugar concentration, they have a long shelf life of three years, allowing you to experience all the different flavors without fear of spoiling.   Of course, as good as it is, we are confident you will love each one too much to leave it on the shelf that long!

Gourmet Cream is a food artist’s dream.  Its creamy, thick consistency means that if you use it to make a pretty design on your caprese salad, cheese tray, or anything else your heart desires, the design will stay without running all over the plate.  Your meals will be as beautiful as they are delicious!

This product’s versatility allows it to make a statement in any dish from salad or appetizer to pasta, baked chicken to grilled meat, chocolate cake to ice cream!  Your creativity and taste buds are the limit!

If you love the earthy flavor of truffle like I do, the Gourmet Cream withTruffle is such a treat!  Drizzle atop your favorite Mia Emilia pasta with only a simple coating of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the truffle and balsamic flavors will prove to you why simplicity is the key to great Italian cooking.  A few drops on your steak could almost convince you that you’re dining in Tuscany!

One flavor that today is very Italian, but often surprises people is that of spicy red chili peppers. Peperoncini, they’re called in Italy.  Not to be confused with pepperoncini, the green picked peppers we find in a jar here at home. 

Having come to Italy from Central America with the explorers, they grew quite well in the warm, southern regions of Italy.  Today they are found beautifully strung in produce markets and private homes, and incorporated in pastas like aglio e olio (garlic and oil) and arrabbiata.

I will never forget driving down the Amalfi Coast with our friendly, fun-loving driver, Emilio.  He paused to let us catch our breath, only to lose it again as we gazed out at the expansive sea views before coming into Positano.  Turning around, he had grabbed the fruit stand owner, obviously a friend, and the two together began teasing my husband about the peppers’ “special powers”. 

Special powers or not, we loved the look of the bright red peppers strung together almost like wind-chimes.  They add all the spice and vitality to the food in the South that we celebrate and admire in its people.

Combined with the sweet flavor naturally occurring in this Balsamic cream with chili peppers, the light spice is delicious with a meat and cheese tray, or for a little kick served with a chocolate dessert.

If fruity is more your style, try both the Pomegranate and the Fruits of the Forest, both fantastic with cheeses, salads, or to add a fruity sweetness to your ice cream or other desserts.

There truly is no limit to the creativity you can enjoy with these balsamic creams in all the flavors!  We hope you enjoy them! 

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