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Tasting Umbria One Drop at a Time

featured-img-Tasting Umbria One Drop at a Time

There are few things more instantly satisfying than the first drop of a high-quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  Mia Emilia’s Goccia Umbra Olive Oil makers must have realized that long ago when creating their company.  Goccia Umbra means, “Drop of Umbria”, and that it is.

Umbria is a gorgeous region of central Italy between Tuscany, Lazio, and Le Marche.  Splendid hill towns and rich farmlands bless this region with some of Italy’s most delicious products. 

Most people know Umbria for beloved St. Francis, and the Basilica in Assisi dedicated to him.  It was this church that made me fall in love with art history.  The two painters credited with the beginning of the Renaissance, Cimabue and Giotto, covered the walls with beautiful stories of St. Francis.  Their works have endured earthquakes and it is considered a miracle in itself that they survive today.

Inside, you can feel the kind spirit of St. Francis, and all the history here.  I love Giotto’s impression of St. Francis preaching to the birds, said to have taken place near Spoleto, another charming town in Umbria.  The faces Giotto depicts are the image of sweetness and love, and it is impossible to stand before them and not be moved. 

Another of Umbria’s most charming towns is Orvieto, which gives its name to a fabulous white wine from the area.  Orvieto is home to what has to be one of the world’s most stunning church facades, colorful and ornate.  Cappella di San Brizio is the official name of the Duomo.  Inside you can still see incredible frescoes by Luca Signorelli, one of the great painters of the Renaissance.  Even Michelangelo came here to study his work before painting his own Last Judgement in the Sistine Chapel.

I love this connection all over Italy.  Wherever you go, towns, churches and hillsides have stories to tell.  Each have flavors uniquely their own.

It is near the town of Orvieto where we find the farm of Goccia Umbra.  The producers there have discovered how to bottle the flavor of Umbria and release it to us one drop at a time through their Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 

The producers explain the origins of Goccia Umbra at Castel Vitiano, a tower which has stood for a thousand years in these Umbrian hills.  Surrounded by history and inspired by innovation, the producers here combine the best new technologies with traditional methods of cultivation.  The result is authenticity and quality that large production could never match.

For this exceptional Extra Virgin Olive Oil, they use three types of Olives: Moraiolo, Frantoio, and Leccino, all 100% from Italy. 

If you pick up a bottle of EVOO from grocery shelves, often the name sounds very Italian, however, look at where the olives come from, and they are very often from a mix of other countries. 

With all of Mia Emilia’s Olive Oils, you can be sure that the product you purchase is authentically Italian, and that it meets the strict requirements of products labeled, “Made in Italy”.  

One of the many great things about these authentic olive oils, is once you feel good about the quality of the products, you can begin to explore Italy’s favors one area at a time. 

Try this EVOO from Umbria, and then compare it with that from the Chianti hills, or those in Pistoia.  Taste how the landscape influences the product and choose your favorite. 

The more I learn about Olive Oils, the more I enjoy different ones.  Much like wines, you begin to discover that every region has a different quality to offer, and it is such fun to experiment and decide which ones you like most with different recipes or ingredients. 

Goccia Umbra recommends their fruity extra virgin olive oil with grilled meats, game, and vegetables. 

This season we all seem to be spending more time cooking.  Cooler temperatures and holidays coming up mean more cookouts and occasions to prepare a meal for our loved ones.  Excellent quality products like this one will elevate your recipes in both flavor and nutrition, and that is sure to be something everyone will thank you for!

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