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From Italian Farms to American Tables, Authentic Italian Foods

featured-img-From Italian Farms to American Tables, Authentic Italian Foods

Passion for Italy.  For us the passion does not stop at travel, but extends to a passion for all things Italian, wherever we may find them! 

A few months ago, a family came to us to help them organize their trip to visit suppliers in Italy.  That was exciting for us, because it meant we also got to interact with some of Italy’s finest pasta makers, Extra Virgin Olive Oil producers, etc. 

I immediately bonded with the family over our mutual appreciation for Italian culture and the Italian people, so passionate about their land and its many treasures.

Curious to try the products, I opened my box from Mia Emilia, and my heart was warmed just at the sight. 

Bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, one from my beloved Chianti region and another delicately flavored with lemon.  A white balsamic dressing that made me throw out the commercial, “balsamic” salad dressings in my fridge.  Hand made exquisite pastas.  A coffee that scented the entire box in heavenly aroma.  And finally, the Monachino, a chocolate dessert with hazelnut filling that left my usually chatty self quite speechless.

Buon Natale, right?  But, no, not Christmas morning.  It was mid-March.  And there was Italy, just sitting in my kitchen.

My husband and I couldn’t wait to forgo our store-bought pasta that evening in favor of this tagliatelle egg pasta from the supplier who was so kind in helping me arrange their arrival to Le Marche. 

Just a few minutes and it was done, and only a homemade sauce would do.  To accompany it, a Super Tuscan from a beloved vineyard, of course! 

We drizzled the Chianti Classico extra virgin olive oil over the top, nodding to our friend, the little black rooster on the label, and immediately tasted authenticity. 

Italy completes us and, in some ways ruins us, for after you taste a hand made pasta overlooking the Val D’Orcia, good luck ever enjoying a meal quite so much back home!

We swirled and sipped, twirled and tasted, and mamma mia!  What a pasta! 

This is the real deal.  Authentic Italian at its finest.  It transported us back to that terrace in Pienza, back to the sommelier who opened to us her heart and passion for the riches of the Tuscan land.

What joy these products have brought to my family and me, and I hope they will do the same for you and yours.

It is clearly not only Italian heritage that inspires and breathes life into Mia Emilia.  What sets them apart is this family's understanding that a true Italian meal is an experience to be lingered over.  An opportunity to laugh together, create memories together, and savor the best of what this beautiful life has to offer; flavors, family, and friends.

Buon appetito! 


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